Surprise Visitors

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Today we had some surprise visitors, a pair of hooded orioles. They spent some time cleaning insects off of a guava tree in my garden. I tried to get a photo of them but they were far too busy to pose for me! Although I enjoyed watching their antics, one of our resident hummingbirds did not.

First, she moved onto the topmost branch of the guava, apparently to see what was going on. Then she spent a few minutes flitting to the nearby lime tree to feed on the blossoms. Back and forth she went, watching then feeding. I could hear her squeaky objections to the pair in the guava tree.

Finally, she had enough. She flew about twenty feet into the air above the guava tree, then straight down to dive bomb the intruders! She tried about three times, when either they were finished with their task or actually intimidated by the brave little hummer. Off they flew, across the street, and the little hummingbird went back to sipping the nectar from the lime tree.

I am convinced that hummingbirds are fearless. I have had one come right up face to face with me, only about a foot away. I also discovered a mother on her nest one day when I was just about done pruning the apricot tree she was nesting in. She had bravely sat there the entire time I shaped up the tree! Regretfully, these photos are not the best but I hope you enjoy them, anyway:

Really, it IS a hooded oriole
Really, it IS a hooded oriole
Brave little hummer
Brave little hummer

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