No Sleep Tonight!

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Tonight promises to be a noisy night here! Tomorrow, September 16, is the celebration of Mexico’s Bicentennial. Although Cinco de Mayo, the Fifth of May is often considered to be Mexico’s Independence Day, it is not. It is actually the day of a relatively minor skirmish that has been elevated in status by foreigners. Mexico’s Independence Day (from Spain) is Dieciséis de Septiembre, the sixteenth of September.

Two hundred years ago Mexico became it’s own country. This is the Bicentennial year. Tonight at midnight The Grito:  Viva Mexico, will be heard all over the country. It will be generally accompanied by various forms of celebration: fireworks, automobile horns, dancing, shouting and general partying.

Many of the Mexican television networks are showing the amazing Gran Fiesta that is occurring on the Zocalo of Mexico City, Mexico City’s Central Square. It has beautiful cultural dancers, music, a parade, floats, and a huge 20 meter tall figure representing all the deceased Mexican Independence fighters. It was elevated into a standing position by helicopter. Following that amazing thing is a Dance of Fire, along the lines of the fountain at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, only with flames in place of the water. That’s not to mention the fantastic fireworks following the President’s call for El Grito. Does this country know how to party or what?!

Mexico’s Bicentennial is a wonderful celebration of the Independence of a Country that has a rich history and a warm and beautiful culture. Congratulations Mexico: Viva Mexico!

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