Passing the Addiction Forward

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Fresh packed pickles
The final product

A couple of weeks ago my daughter visited us here in Baja. She asked me about pickles. Remember that I have mentioned a few times about how much my family loves the pickled stuff. She had read my blog entry about my giant jar of refrigerator pickles and was tasting them when she asked when I was going to teach her the art of pickling, so she in turn with could do it with her younger daughter.  My chance to pass the canning addiction on! Muhahahaha!

The very next day I gave her the first lesson: Simple refrigerator pickles. I chose refrigerator pickles as her introduction because it is a basic lesson. No giant pots of boiling water, no scary hissing pressure canners , no sterilization techniques, no special jars and lids, not even a giant vat of boiling food.  Just one pot to heat the simple brine, a recycled jar some spices, and a few vegetables.

In my best cooking lesson fashion, I laid out a variety of pickling spices:

And we prepared an assortment of vegetables suitable for brining:

She then packed the vegetables into a repurposed jar. The most difficult part here is learning that a vertical pack allows the most ingredients into the jar. She then added the canning salt and the spices of her choice.

After heating a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water she poured it into the jar.

Here is the finished jar:

Put the lid on, refrigerate, and wait a week and it becomes fresh pack pickles! The photo at the top was taken today.They are ready to enjoy.

Too bad she had to fly home before they were they were ready. All the more for me! She did however return home to make another jar with my granddaughter. This weekend, they tasted their first creation, called me from Texas, and declared them to be “nummylicious”!

Have you ever made fresh pack pickles? Try it!

One thought on “Passing the Addiction Forward

    cristina said:
    October 25, 2011 at 7:38 am

    Besides meeh looking horrible, great entry. The kids love the one we made at home and can’t wait to make more. We just need to source cheaper cucumbers but the carrots and celery are big hits too!


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