Awww, Cranberries!

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Cranberry-plum and Cranberry-orange butters

I had some bags of cranberries languishing in my freezer. Why did I buy them in the first place? I am the only one here that likes loves cranberries. Mr. M won’t eat jellied cranberry sauce.  I think no self-respecting turkey dinner or even a turkey sandwich is valid unless there are cranberries involved.

So I decided that the cranberries need to come out of the freezer so I can eat them. I thought about making juice, then jelly, out of them but I have been fighting a cold with a cough that wears me out. It sounded like too much effort.

As I was rummaging in the freezer, I retrieved a bag of frozen Santa Rosa plum halves and a bag of supremed oranges, both from my garden. I was sort of winging it as I went along. Here’s the result of my freezer mining: four half pints of cranberry plum butter and four half pints of cranberry orange butter.

Here is a photo of my taste tester, Mr. M, who decreed them yummy. (Wait! He doesn’t even like cranberries!) Yes, that is some on the end of his nose…

Yes, it is good! Even on his nose.

Now for how these came to be:

Put the cranberries and plum halves (or orange sections) into a big pot. Cook them until the cranberries’ skins pop. Now a sane person would add a couple of cups of water here but not me! When the fruit softens blend with an immersion blender until the fruit is smooth. Measure five cups of fruit and add 2 cups of sugar. Cook to the desired consistency. Ladle into half pint jars and seal in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes.

Now for the truth: it really needed the water. Instead of a fruit butter consistency, it is more like a Mexican fruit paste, an ate. Slightly stiffer but really delicious! I am just going to cut it into thin slices and enjoy it with my turkey!

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