She Fell Off The Edge

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I haven’t posted here for almost two years (Really? That long?). It is like I fell off off the edge of the earth. I stopped posting because of a personal catastrophe that caused Mr. M and I to unexpectedly move from our happy home in Mexico. Not only did we have to move but, we had to do it in only 2 days! Needless to say we had to leave nearly everything behind. We could only take what we could cram into a pick-up (my son-in-law’s) and a rented open trailer.  We gave everything else to friends, and deserving groups there, including a homeschooling group and a boy’s orphanage (they especially loved the freezer full of food).

We returned to the US and stayed for a while with our younger daughter and her family until we could figure our what to do next. While we were there we were blessed with the birth of our great-grandson. As they say, God moves in mysterious ways: if we were still in Mexico, I would not have been there when my grand-daughter’s water broke. I was fortunate enough to be the first to know that Carson was on his way! (Besides his Mom, of course) He is a great joy in our lives!

Eventually, we decided to stay in the US and find a place to call our own. We are retirees on a fixed income so we thought that owning our own home again was out of the question. We did know that we wanted to live in a moderate weather area since we were native southern Californians. Unfortunately, that desire eliminated living near our two daughters who live in Texas and Louisiana. Hmmmmm, maybe Florida, where our son and his family live? We looked online for an apartment to rent and somehow found some mobile homes for sale.

We found a home for sale in a retiree park not even 150 miles from our son’s home on the east coast of Florida, and negotiated a price that we could manage in cash. The affordable monthly space rent not only covers lawn care, trash and recycling, but also allows free access to our two pools, tennis courts, shuffleboard courts, bocci courts, a nine-hole golf course and our recreation center.

We now have a whole new life. Although we are in a new state and about as far from our home in Mexico as we can be, I believe that happiness and a feeling of home comes from within. We are making new friends, learning new activities (Bocci, anyone?), learning to garden in a new environment, and having a lot of fun. We miss our home and friends in Baja but are strong enough to overcome a terrible situation to find a new life. I hope to start posting about what were are doing in the new chapter in this ongoing saga we call life.

Want to know what life is like for repatriates in Florida? Come back.

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