One of the things we do in Florida

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Ten years ago I couldn’t convince Mr. M to take a cruise. He was adamant that cruising was stupid and something he would NOT do. I, on the other hand , had taken a wonderful cruise in the mid-seventies with my Mom and sister-in-law. For over 30 years, I tried to convince him to take a cruise with me.

While we were in Mexico, I decided to force the issue. I traded a bunch of timeshare points for a one week cruise of the Eastern Caribbean. I told Mr. M, that I loved him and I wanted him to go on the cruise with me, but if he refused I would just go without him. Grudgingly, he decided to go; after all it was already paid for, he said.

Well, it seems that I have created a “Cruise Monster”! He absolutely loves cruising. In fact, he is now our official cruise planner. He researches cruises online and makes the reservations. Then he looks for the best cabin deal and keeps upgrading until we have to make the final payment. (Between you and me, I think that one of the reasons we moved to Florida just might be to make cruising more accessible.) He is such a cruise addict that on a 32 day cruise around South America, he spent some of his time at sea, “cruising” the internet for future cruises.

Since that first cruise, Mr. M and I have become global travelers (as opposed to tourists). We have learned to pack minimally, and what we are interested in for each country we visit (or how to avoid the Tourist Traps). We don’t buy many things in our travels, but I do buy salt and cheese. I have quite a collection of international salts. I use some of each but I keep a small portion as my souvenir. The cheese? Have I told you that my favorite food is cheese yet??