It Doesn’t Get Any Easier!

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Hey! Have you missed me? I know it has been a while but here I am again! I’m trying my best to be a Disciplined Writer.  It seems that I have been so busy being retired that I have neglected my writing. And boy have I been busy!

The problem I have been having with my blog is that although I have been very active with my interests, I am not sure how interesting others might find them. So I have just decided to take the plunge and write about something I am doing that I find quite ordinary and see if anyone else can find some tiny bit of use for it.

My entry for today is, as you can see by the title, how something we did in the past was so much easier than it is today. Or more specifically, Painting a House is pretty challenging when you are a Senior Citizen. Up and down a ladder, tape, tape, tape, brush, brush, brush, and repeat; all of this was so much easier when we are young.

Now, we find that we actually have to take a day off after three or four days of concentrated activity.  We might actually fall asleep in the afternoon. Who could have imagined that? What? My arthritic hand is complaining after painting all day? I didn’t expect this! Thank goodness I have those little rice packs I made to heat in the microwave!


Rice packs that can go into the freezer or microwave
Rice packs that can go into the freezer or microwave

Undaunted we plunge ahead! It may take us a little longer now but we still manage to accomplish our goal. Now we can see the amusing part of our work, like a little paint on the face:

Painting can be messy
Painting can be messy

We are almost finished with this big job! We just have to finish our front screen room. I’m happy to say that the blue trim turned out quite well.


The paint job is almost done
The paint job is almost done

We didn’t realize what a chore it would be to remove all of the shutters and the cleats and other parts for the hurricane shutters, painting them and replacing them would be! Now that they are finished we have a great sense of accomplishment!

Best of all now we can say that we live behind the Blue Door! (It used to be a grungy white)

Our blue door
Our blue door

See the slightly crooked curtain inside? That used to be a Venetian blind and a garage sale (unused) shower curtain. Now it’s a really cute “roman” shade with one to match over my sink (Thanks Pinterest). Maybe later I will post how I did it.

I really love the way our little house turned out with it fresh coat of white paint and blue trim. I’m not going to admit that we had to paint because we power washed the old paint off when we cleaned it. I’m just going to say that I’m glad to take a day off to write!

Have you found that some jobs take longer or seem more difficult than they used to?

2 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Get Any Easier!

    Cristina said:
    May 15, 2015 at 6:32 pm

    I miss you guys so much!


    itsjusttoni said:
    May 15, 2015 at 6:40 pm

    We miss you too!!!


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