Making a Shade Out of a Shower Curtain

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In my post about painting or house, I mentioned the “Roman” shade I made out of a shower curtain and I promised to tell how I did it. Well this is a Pinterest thing that actually worked! I saw a some tutorials like here , here and here as well as a lot of others. So I decided to try it myself. Shade

I saw a great paisley shower curtain still in its original packaging at a garage sale for $5.00, so I bought it. Then I measured my kitchen window and door and bought inexpensive Venetian blinds at Walmart. I simply followed the directions on Pinterest and made my shades. That was a while ago, like over a year. They are still working great.

The unique thing I did was figure out how to install them on my metal door. No drilling or screwing necessary! I used heavy duty magnets that I glued to the top of the blind.


It worked for us, but I can imagine that if you live with door slammers it might not work so well!

I love Pinterest and use ideas from there pretty often. Why re-invent the wheel? Have you tried it out?

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