My Apologies to Cephalonia (Kefalonia)!

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This is what happens when you (1) do things when you are tired and (2) make a mistake in labeling your photo collection. Yesterday, I posted some photos from my travels and I identified them as Malta. They are most definitely NOT Malta. They are from the island of Cephalonia, or  Kefalonia, a Greek island. Shame on me! This is my second favorite Greek island too! My favorite is Santorini, but more about that another time. The water wheel photo yesterday was actually from the Swallow Holes of Katavothres near Argostoli. Here is another photo:

Water wheel and channel
Water wheel and channel

As you can see the seawater is guided past the water wheel through a man made channel. Once it is past the water wheel it disappears into a natural swallow hole and disappears. Underground it mixes with rain water and reappears on the other side of the island. Another interesting landmark at this site is St. Theodore’s Lighthouse. The structure there has been rebuilt after an earthquake but is true to the original.

St.-Theodore-lighthouse It seems to me that most people were interested in the lighthouse, but I was fascinated by the Swallow holes!  They are a geological occurrence unique to this island. That fact alone made me want to post this apology to Kefalonia. If you ever have an opportunity to visit this amazing island, be sure to see this interesting phenomenon!

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