Make-It-Yourself Sewing Machine Pedal No-Slip Mat

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When I am sewing, I have noticed that I seem to get a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders. I thought it was because my chair was too low. It is an old dining room chair. So I have been on the hunt for a wheeled, adjustable desk chair. In the meantime I have tried assorted chair seat cushions to no avail. Then I realized that the problem may not be the chair at all. It might just be the fact that my machine foot pedal seems to seek the wall. The more I sew, the farther away it creeps. Eventually my leg is stretched out seeking the pedal. I think this is the root of my tension!

Yesterday, I decided to make a non-slip holder for my foot pedal. It actually didn’t cost me a thing because I already had the stuff I needed . The most expensive part would have been the non-slip shelf liner if I didn’t already have some from lining my storage shelves:


First I measured my machine’s foot pedal and added a bit more length so my foot would have a place to rest. Then I cut a rectangle from the liner that was twice the width I needed so I could fold it in half. Since my shelf liner has a smooth side and a textured side, when I folded it I made sure that the textured side was out on both sides.


I used some of my seam binding for the edge. If the rubbery shelf lining seems to stick while you are sewing try putting some printer paper under it and just sew though it. The needle will pierce the paper and it will tear away easily when you are finished sewing.


My scrap basket yielded the parts for making a rolled stop to keep the machine pedal from “walking” off of the mat. You might notice that the cover fabric is from my golf cart. I love this indoor-outdoor fabric and keep finding uses for the leftovers.


I rolled the muslin around the fiberfill scrap, then the cover fabric around that to make a cigar shape. I sewed it closed by hand. I then measured it against the width of the mat so I could trim the filling so the roll would fit the mat. I intentionally made it too long because I wanted to be sure it fit after filling and rolling it.

Trim off the excess filler

I hand sewed each end of the completed roll to the sides of the mat at one end.


Here is a photo of my pad ready for action:


I sure do hope this is the answer to my sewing tension problem!

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