Use What You Have

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As I have said previously, I am a frugal woman. I love to barter for things I need. Once I bartered my baking skills for a huge cake pan. I have it to this day. I don’t make gigantic cakes anymore, so I have re-purposed it. I have one of those weird cabinets that goes far back into the abyss and anything put in there disappears.


It is the corner cabinet next to my stove. Remember this cabinet from this post?


In my teeny, tiny, leetle kitchen (re: Rosanne Roseannadanna) , no cabinet can go unused.


I wish I could afford to do a major cabinet overhaul and make my storage soooo much more efficient, but I can’t. So my baking pan to the rescue!


Yes, I do have to take out some things to be able to slide the pan, but it is way better than having things just disappear forever. I also have a “lazy susan” on the bottom shelf for my measuring cups so I can just spin to pick out the one I need:

TurntableI am always looking for ideas to make my tiny kitchen more usable. Have you come up with a great idea you can share?

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