A Difficult Weekend

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This weekend seems to be one of those where things just go wrong! First Mr. M somehow damaged to corner of his laptop and apparently broke the cable that goes from the keyboard to the monitor. We knew it could be turned on but the screen remained black. Hmmmmm. This requires emergency tactics! I called my Techie son for advice. He suggested connecting it to another monitor. A TV? We have one that is rarely used so we connected a HMDI cable between his laptop and the TV. Whoa! It worked! He now has a huge 32 inch monitor for his laptop. Easy to see, but won’t fit on his lap!  Problem solved … at least until he gets a new laptop or we can take his apart and fix it.

Not a laptop
Not a laptop

Then today, as I was happily sewing a new unmentionable (read bra) for myself, suddenly my sewing machine stopped! I can’t even turn the wheel by hand. It just hums when I step on the pedal. How can this be? IT is ONLY 40-some years old! I actually used it to sew diapers and clothes for my kids in the seventies. I am still functioning; why isn’t it?

Doesn’t this sewing machine care that I need to sew a new swimsuit? Oh the wailing! The gnashing of teeth! What will I do with my spare time? What will I do with my fabric stash? Let the mourning begin!


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