Some Interesting Things About Santorini

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Mr. M and I have been to the island of Santorini, Greece twice. How we love it there! For such a small island, there is so much to see there! Even getting to the town of Fira, Santorini is an adventure! When approaching Santorini by boat one docks at the base of a mountain. The town of Fira is perched at the top of the mountain. There are basically two ways to go up the mountain. First there is the funicular which is like a slanted, vertical glass elevator. Its has fantastic views and is pretty slow.

The mule trail to Fira
The mule trail to Fira

The second way is by the mules. They are completely self guided up and down the mountain. Sadly, the whole time I saw them, I saw no one riding them. They just went up and down the mountain in a self propelled rotation.

Santorini’s self-managed transportation

Here’s a shot of the little mule all alone down the mountain

Santorini’s mule all alone down the mountain

I was also fascinated by Santorini’s interesting vineyards (not to mention their wonderful Vin Santo). Being high up on a mountain, the entire island is subject to strong winds, so grapes cannot be grown up on a trellis. Instead they are grown close to the ground. The vines are formed into rings and the grapes are grown inside of the rings, protected from the winds.

The grapes that produce Santorini’s great wines are grown on vines close to the ground to protect them from the harsh winds.

There is so much more to see on the island, but I just wanted to post a little teaser. What can I say, I have an interest in the oddities. I love Santorini’s beautiful whitewashed buildings, but I love the interesting little things too! If you ever get the chance, visit Santorini where you can ride a self-guided mule up the mountain. As for me, I will just take the funicular; the views are great!


2 thoughts on “Some Interesting Things About Santorini

    Nicole D said:
    July 23, 2015 at 3:43 am

    Santorini sounds amazing! I have only been to Crete and Corfu, Greece, both of which were beautiful. I would really love to go back to Europe, if I do, I will have to pick your brain on where you’ve been!


      itsjusttoni said:
      July 23, 2015 at 4:52 am

      Thanks for reading and commenting! We love travel, and have so many adventures while using local transportation. I would really love to be able to travel through Europe by train. 🙂


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