I Am Impressed!

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My new Motherlode of fabric
My new Motherlode of fabric

Sometimes I feel the need to talk about stuff I buy. I do regularly buy stuff online like bra-making notions, tortillas, and other things that are difficult for me to find locally. I have found only one fabric store anywhere near my home: JoAnne’s Fabrics. No insult to them but I often feel overwhelmed when I shop there, in addition, I have found it difficult to find exactly what I want. For instance, I made (count them) FOUR trips to that store for black swimsuit spandex and still had to order it online from another company.

A few days ago, I ordered the fabric in the photo above from a new-to-me online vendor, Fabric Mart. They had a terrific sale: 50 percent off on all of their fabrics over the course of three weeks. I chose to buy a variety of knit fabrics to see if I liked them. Wow! I am impressed! Not only was their service very prompt, the quality of the fabrics is wonderful. AND the fabric cuts are generous. Who could ask for more? Well here it is: Every piece is clearly labelled including the appropriate care instructions and fabric content! Thank you Fabric Mart!

Clear information attached to every piece of fabric
Clear information attached to every piece of fabric

Just so you know, I am not receiving anything for this post; I just feel that if I appreciate a vendor, I should post about it. I think it helps others to know when a vendor, especially an online vendor, does a good job. I know I like to read unsolicited recommendations and reviews.

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