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You do know what Pinterest is don’t you? Pinterest is a way to visually organize clips from around the web. I use it to do research and find ideas. After all, why reinvent the wheel? I would advise though that one use good judgement when looking at the pins. There are whole websites dedicated to Pinterest Fails.  And  I think there are some people that just collect lots of pins and never use any of them. I. on the other hand, choose only the pins that I find useful.

What you see above is a solution I found on Pinterest for a problem I seem to have had forever. I like to hang my kitchen towels on the handle to my oven door. As one would expect, they consistently fall off, driving me crazy. I found some pins for a similar solution, but I, of course, had to add my own little twist. I used Peaches and Cream cotton yarn, a large hairband, and a button.  It is made from stuff I already had. The loop holding the towel is a yarn covered hairband. The entire holder is a simple single crochet. The button holds the loop over the bar. It works! So simple!


Do you Pinterest?

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