Costiera Amalfitana, The Amalfi Coast Road

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The Amalfi Coast Road
The Amalfi Coast Road

If I ever get another chance to visit the Mediterranean, I would love to do the Amalfi Coast Road again. It is a World Heritage Site for good reason. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Amazing. There just aren’t enough words to tell about it. If you ever get a chance to go take it! You won’t regret it! Having said that, I have one caveat: do NOT ride the road in a bus! Take a car ,or at most, a van. The road winds along the steep Amalfi coastline high above the Mediterranean Sea.

View-of-Amalfi-road The buses struggle to make the tight turns and cannot travel the entire road which goes up and over the mountains then down into the Pompeian plain. A truly wonderful, all day journey.

All along the road there are many picturesque villages nestled in each inlet along the steep. steep seacoast.


An item of interest is that all along the road, each town has a miniature village that is decorated and lit at Christmas time.


We had the good fortune to stop at a roadside produce stand. Because we were going to be returning to the US, I declined to buy fruit (such temptation), but I did find a wonderful variety of dehydrated sauce kits that I brought back for a taste of Italy when were returned home. There were also some fantastic wild harvested mushrooms, like black trumpets.


The trip was a long one and we stopped for lunch at the Trattoria, LAntico Borgo. high up on a mountainside and not on the main road.


See that round tower in the sketch on the menu (which is on the front wall of the restaurant)?

Look for it in the photo below:


We climbed a lot of stairs (that is how those Europeans stay so slim!) and went through a lovely passageway to access the outdoor patio:


The lunch was outstanding! Everything, including the wine, olives, cheeses and deli meats were made there on the premises! Fresh and fantastic!

Lunch was Prix Fix and was the house special. And oh! So! Special! Everything from salad with homemade Mozzarella:


to handmade Ravioli:


Fresh pizza:


And dessert:


We were so full we wanted to roll back down the stairs and back to the car!

Back on the road we stopped at an amazing underground shop that sold local ceramics.


Then proceeded along the road, up to the top of and over the mountain.


As you can see the road is made of many switchbacks and the views are amazing. In the photo above you can make out our next destination on the trip, the Pompeian plane. We visited the ruins of Pompeii before the day was over.

What a great trip! Like I said: if you ever have the opportunity to drive the Costeria Amalftiana, the Amalfi Coast Road, jump at the chance! I promise you won’t be sorry!

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