Bee Balm

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Bee balm harvest
Bee balm harvest

It is the time of year in my area to change out the crops in the garden. My little gardens have suffered greatly this year because of my accident and the fact that where I have them receives a lot of reflected heat from the side of my house. One plant that seems to love those conditions is my Bee Balm, Monarda. This lovely relative of the mint family flourished for me. It is a new plant this year so it is too young to bloom but is ready for the leaves to be harvested. I dry the leaves in my dehydrator to store,

Bee balm makes an interesting tea, it has a flavor reminiscent to the Bermagot of Earl Gray. It blends very well with any mint, chamomile and lavender. Because it is a mint relative it is useful medicinally as a stomach soother and relaxant. I have read that it is not good for those with thyroid issues but I cannot attest to that. All I know is that I like the flavor. It looks to me like I will have plenty to use this year!

Have you used Bee Balm?

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