Honor The Veteran

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Today is the day set aside to honor our Veterans on the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month”. As a person who lives with a Vietnam Veteran, I make it a point that every time I see a Veteran I take a moment to thank him or her for their service, especially those who served in Vietnam. I appreciate all of our Veterans who wrote that “blank check” to our country, but my heart goes out to our Vietnam Veterans because of the way they have been mistreated. I am no fan of any war, but the Veterans who served in Vietnam were so dishonored when they returned it is a shame on all of us. Most Vietnam Veterans I know, including Mr. M, were so shamed by their treatment they struggle to talk about their experiences to this day. In addition, all of those supportive services our country promised them were non-existent until the last few years.

I implore you: when you see a person with some indication that they are a Veteran, any day, any time, take a moment to acknowledge their service. Even if they are struggling with their “war demons” they will appreciate your gesture. Believe me that Vietnam Veteran with the baseball style cap that says that has already come a long way in resolving those issues. Many Veterans still won’t admit that they served.

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