The First Bathroom Redo

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When you buy an older home you soon realize that there are things that need some TLC or that need actual replacing. Our new home is around 30 years old and has been pretty well maintained. The toilets are the original manufactured home toilets; the type I call “toy toilets”. They are really small and low. Not exactly what retirees need, especially one with two knee replacements. We knew going in that they had to go. Ha ha, pun intended!

We also discovered that the toilet in the guest bathroom ran constantly so it was to be the first to be replaced by a new ADA compliant toilet. Here is the culprit:


 Most of the floor was in good shape so at first we thought it would be a simple matter of removing the original  toilet and replacing it. However, as with any remodeling job it is never simple nor easy!  You can’ really see it here but the floor behind the toilet is actually TAPED down with something like clear shipping tape. Its a good thing we decided to redo the floor when we replace the toilet. This bathroom has a fairly small amount of floor so we chose to redo this one first. This is the original floor we had:


The floor is small but a deceptive amount of work! The floor had several layers. The first one came up fairly easily. It peeled up leaving a papery-like layer. We tried to scrape it off but only a tiny bit would come off at a time. So, as always, I went to the internet for help. I discovered that we needed a product for adhesive removal. We bought a big can, read all of the warnings, took precautions, and used it according to instructions. It worked well, too well in fact! Not only did it release the papery stuff but it softened the vinyl layer under it which we accidentally damaged. So, guess what? That layer had to go too! We pulled it up and it left another papery layer which we had to treat and remove.



Fortunately the sub-floor is in great shape! But we were very tired after all of that gooing and scraping so we decided to call it a day. Time for dinner and a rest. Stay tuned for the next episode.


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