Progress Bit At A Time

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I posted about the our bathrooms and how we were redoing them here. Well, it has taken some time, but progress is happening. Here is a picture of the toilet area of the guest bathroom floor before we installed the new toilet.


And here is our beautiful, new one piece toilet installed and ready to use. We were still installing the rest of the floor.


Since we had a working toilet, we decided to start on the second or Master bathroom. Woe to us! When we removed the toilet, we noticed some dark stuff on the floor next to the wall. That, along with the curled flooring behind the toilet made us suspect that something was going on inside the wall.We poked the wall and it literally disintegrated into Mr. M’s fingers. Carefully, we scored the wall and removed some of it to reveal the sad. dry rotted interior:


We spent quite a bit of time and borrowed some tools to remove all of the dry rot. I sprayed the remaining wood with hydrogen peroxide, my go-to disinfection product.


We rebuilt the wood structure and then replaced the wall board. The interesting part is that the thinnest wall board was too thick to fit levelly with the rest of the wall. I had to take a putty knife and small hammer to sculpt the back of the board to fit over the boards. Then I taped it to the rest of the wall and smoothed the “mud” over it. Here is my amateur repair:


I painted it with some sample paint I obtained at a local hardware store. It seems that every time I go there, I find a reject bit of paint that I can buy very inexpensively. The samples do seem to come in handy for little jobs around the house. Now, the color I painted it in no way matches the wallpaper print. Eventually, we will redo the walls, but for now, my opinion is that any visitor who enters our Master bathroom, bends down and looks behind our toilet to see the wall, deserves to see something unusual! The color actually is quite similar to the paint on the bathroom cabinets adjacent to the toilet alcove.

Finally, we could start on the actual floor replacement. You can see a bit of the new toilet in the upper left corner of this photo.


Stay tuned, we are in the home stretch!

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