A Really Big Job!

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We have a sort of long driveway. One day recently we decided to upgrade it with some paint and what I lovingly call “sparklies”. It turned out to be a really big job! It took a lot of teamwork between Mr. M and I . The procedure was pretty straightforward but took a lot of cooperation,  energy and time.

First, Mr.M used our power washer to deep clean the surface of the driveway. We have a really big oak tree in our front yard and it drops a lot of stuff: leaves, flowers, and other strange stuff. We had to keep cleaning tree stuff off of the driveway while we were doing our upgrade. After the power washing, Mr. M used a wide roller to apply a coat of cement paint. I used a brush to paint the “cutting in”; the edges, the steps to our front door, and around the supports for our carport.

The next day we did a second coat of paint. This day we really had to test our teamwork skills. Mr. M would paint a section and while the paint was wet I quickly sprinkled on the “sparklies”, a combination of paint chips, and tiny foil chips. These:


Here’s a picture of my high tech sparklie shaker; its on a stick that is about four feet long so I could reach a distance of wet paint.


This was a huge job, and the temperature was in the low 90’s! We wanted to time the painting for a day with no rain threat.

The third day we painted on a clear sealer to add a slight gloss and to protect the paint chips. Here is Mr. M finishing up the sealer:


Just look at the size of that roller!

It doesn’t seem like such a big job, until you see how big our driveway really is:


That’s Mr. M waaaay down there! So here’s our shiny “new” driveway! No parking for a few days until it is fully cured. Do you think we have had a few  nights of great sleep? You bet!

2 thoughts on “A Really Big Job!

    Cristina martinez Foster said:
    March 29, 2016 at 4:02 pm

    Great job!

    Sent from my iPhone


    itsjusttoni said:
    March 29, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    Thanks so much! I am glad its finished!


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