Night Moves

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I know if you are my age you are humming the song now. You’re welcome. But then this post is really about plants. When we moved into our new home I brought some freshly dug daylilies with me. Wanting to preserve them, I just dug some holes next to the back patio and plopped them in. They thrived.


Fast forward to tonight. Tomorrow morning, Mr. M wants to power wash that same patio and paint it like the driveway. In addition, on an excursion to one of our local big box hardware store we found some nice paver stones. We decided they can be used to add a little width to the patio and  for renewing our secret path that I wrote about here. The pavers will serve nicely as a splash guard for the patio. The only problem is that they need to go exactly where I planted the daylilies.

Add to this the fact that it was well over 90F degrees this afternoon; too hot for the plants to tolerate being moved. So we come to the title of this entry: Night moves. That is exactly what we did. We weeded a new garden area, added some topsoil and moved the flowers close to and after dark tonight. No sooner had I poured some starter solution over them and we were forced inside because it started raining. Seems like a good thing to help settle the plants into their new home.

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