Have you ever Seen This?

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If you don’t live in a tropical or sub-tropical zone you may have not. What I am talking about is the blossom of the mango tree. We have two new mango trees in our mini orchard. This is the first time I have seen mango flowers! I did read up about mango care before investing in the trees. The blossoms are in sprays called panicles. Most of the tiny flowers are male but there are several “perfect” flowers, that are both male and female. These perfect flowers are self pollinating and can produce a mango.

I really don’t expect any fruit from my baby trees, they are far too young. That being said, it seems that eventually I may have a good chance for fruit in the future because I can see several tiny mangoes setting on my trees. I thought that maybe you would like to see what mango flowers look like.

I love the red stems
Lots of little baby mangoes
Sorry, its blurry. I was trying for a closeup.

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