Thanks Big Brother!

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I have to give a shout out to my brother who is seven years older than me. When we were kids, one Christmas I received a little, metal toy kitchen that had a tank to fill with water and when the tap in the sink was opened water would run out. Okay by me, but the best gift, in my opinion then, went to my older brother. He received an erector set! For those among you who don’t know this “toy”. It was a set of flat perforated metal bars of various lengths, and nuts and bolts that fit into the holes. One could assemble things by bolting the flat pieces together.

He had little interest in his erector set, but, on the other hand, I would play with it every chance I got! I loved the way I could put the pieces together in different ways.Let me explain; I was the kid who took everything apart. There wasn’t a screw driver that I didn’t love! My Mom told me that while I was growing up. there wasn’t a working mechanical clock in the house except in her bedroom (wherein I was forbidden to go). I would take them apart then put everything back in and close it up. Of course, I still don’t know the inner workings of a clock,but I thought then (as a kid) if I could get everything back in,it would work. Yes, I was THAT kid!

So if you have one like me, here’s what may happen: when she grows up: she will be the “go to”person: when you have something like this:
I have seen assembly instructions without a word on them, just drawings.

I still love to put things together. That makes Mr. M relieved because he hates putting things together and gets very confused by the “assembly directions”. I am the home repair and assembly guru in our house. My nickname is HandyMom.
Here is what these assembly directions produced:

A patio chair.
Times four, plus a table (separate assembly instructions included). My own grown up erector set!

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