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We live in a older manufactured home. Our “Master Suite” is pretty roomy and accommodates a king sized bed easily. The other bedroom, however is very small. When we bought our house the second bedroom barely accommodated a twin sized bed.

I decided that since all of our overnight company would be at least two people at a time  the tiny bedroom was useless for company. I chose to rehome the twin bed and convert the room to my sewing and craft room. I bought a hide-a-bed couch with a queen sized bed in it for our living room. Our three comfy recliners can also be used for sleeping in a pinch.

Even without a bed in it the bedroom is still tiny and I am constantly looking for ways to store my precious sewing supplies. Well, today on my way to an exercise class I noticed a metal rack that had been set out for the recycling.


As I have posted in the past, in our neighborhood, things left by the street, especially on recycling day, are fair game. I mentioned to Mr. M that the rack would be useful to me. Surprise! When I got home, in the middle of my living room, was the rack! Thank you, Mr.M!


As you can see, I had plans for the rack! I moved it into the corner of my sewing room and immediately filled it with my pattern collection.


Then I added some interfacing that I buy in bulk, as well as some magnets and a few manuals for my machines.


Here’s another picture of the rack in action:


It is so easy now to see my patterns. In case you are wondering, when I use my patterns, I store each one in its own plastic freezer storage bag. I also store my downloaded and printed out patterns, as well as any patterns I design myself in freezer bags.

I am so grateful to whoever left this rack out for recycling. I am happy to rehome it!


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