A Box of Candy?

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A few days ago our mail carrier delivered a well padded envelope which Mr M retrieved. When he brought it in he shook it slightly and asked, “Did you get a box of candy?”. Looking at the Chinese lettering on the outside of the envelope I laughed and said, “Well, sort of…”. Not really candy, but for me, almost as exciting: it was a set of 44 sewing machine presser feet.

I really only “needed” two of the feet, a Teflon foot and a roller foot. But the entire set of 44 feet was not much more than buying those two feet individually. Since I have bought some similar but smaller sets, I knew what quality I would likely be receiving. Not as great as the brand name presser feet but a good, serviceable, and affordable quality.

I knew when they arrived that I had reached the point of no return for presser feet and had to figure out an organization plan for them. I had been keeping the older sets in the boxes they came in but the number of boxes was cluttering my sewing area and I couldn’t remember what foot was in which box. Enter a new organization tool:


I found this case at Walmart and it suits my needs perfectly. Inside the front cover are 4 customizable, sectioned boxes with lids. They are just deep enough to accommodate even the largest presser foot.


It took me a while to organize some 60 plus presser feet but here they are:presser-feet4

The little colored stickers are on both sides of the lid and tell me at a glance which foot is in the little cubicle. When I lift the lid it is sort of like a box of candy!

Wait! There’s an open space! Maybe I need another one!

My latest additions have some feet that I have no experience with, like cording and pintuck feet. Where were those when I was sewing for my girls when they were young? I am really having fun discovering how to use them. Thank goodness for Utube!

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    […] I wrote about a treasure trove of presser feet that I received for my sewing machines. Although I was really after only a couple of the feet, I am […]


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