This Old Dog Learned a New Trick

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Recently, I wrote about a treasure trove of presser feet that I received for my sewing machines. Although I was really after only a couple of the feet, I am discovering how to use some of the other feet in the collection. My latest learning experience (Who says you can’t learn something new after 70?) is using the pintuck foot. The new set had three different sizes of pintuck feet. I had to label them so I can tell them apart


I looked up information on the internet for how to use them . The first lesson was that the number of grooves on the bottom of the foot sets out what size of double needle is needed. Before I discovered this, I didn’t even know that a double needle was required to make pintucks! The width between the needles must fit within the grooves. This one is a 5 groove:


I used these to make my very first pintucks. (Where were they when my girls were littles?)


They aren’t the best pintucks but my excuse is that I was learning on a knit fabric. From a bit of a distance they don’t look too bad. When will I learn to use appropriate fabrics for my lessons? This reminds me of the first time I sewed minky for a quilt for my great-grandson. It would have been so much easier with a walking foot. And the lesson of sewing vinyl and pleather without the aforementioned teflon or roller foot. But I digress…




The pattern for this shirt Simplicity 7236: View C without the neckline slit.Simplicity 7236

I’m glad I tried pintucks on this particular shirt because after I cut it out, I discovered that the neckline was too big for me. The pintucks were an effective way to make it smaller. I have been losing weight and when I whip out one of my older patterns, I have to remember that it might need some adjustment. Such a problem to have!

This shirt is just some leftover fabric from another shirt that I made and is just for any day wear. It looks really wonky because it is not straight on the hanger. Its so hot and humid here in Florida, one can never have too many sleeveless shirts!

The candy dot fabric was leftover from this shirt: (Please excuse the poor selfie.)


The pattern for this shirt is Butterick 6458 view B with a full bust adjustment.


See I do use more recent patterns and other patterns makers than Simplicity. I just like to use my collection of timeless basics quite often, especially after I have made pattern adjustments. Recently, in fact, I have been using quite a few Indie (Independent) designers because I love to support small business.


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