Singapore Airport

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This year we went on a very long trip and it basically started in Singapore’s most interesting airport. Now, I am not going to tell you about our adventure getting there from Florida, so I am just going to pretend that we started at the Singapore Airport.

If you have not ever had the pleasure of visiting the Singapore Airport, you may not believe how wonderful it is! We didn’t have much time there, so we, sadly, missed seeing much of it. But what we did see was truly wonderful! We were greeted by several lovely arrangements of living orchids along the walkway from the arrival gate:


But that was just the beginning! I had heard that they had a sunflower garden, so of course, I had to find it. It was well worth the hunt:


Although its probably not the largest sunflower garden, but what an unlikely place to find one!


It includes a lot of information about how important sunflowers are.

After looking at the garden for a bit, I felt rejuvenated after my nearly 20 hour flight, so I walked on. A little further on I discovered this:


This lovely walk includes living plants, lovely sculptures, gentle music and the sounds of outdoor nature. Fabulous!


After spending a bit of time enjoying this, I felt refreshed and ever so happy!

If you ever have a chance to visit the Singapore Airport, you will be very pleased if you do. There is so much more available there that I had no time to see. You can store your luggage, get a massage or a hair styling, or even take a nap! What a wonderland! Our visit there was a great way to start our “trip around the world”! (I plan to post more about that Great Adventure!)

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