Sydney Is Something!

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Mr. M is a Viet Nam War veteran and while he was serving there, he was offered “R and R” in Australia. He was convinced by his brother to go to Honolulu instead and has regretted it ever since. Visiting Australia has been high on his “bucket list” for as long as I have known him… remember, we have been married for 47 years…

Well, here we are! In Sydney, Australia. We are renting a wonderful one-bedroom apartment, or flat as they call it here, in an area called Pott’s Point. We have a great view of the Opera house, the Harbor bridge, and the Central Business District, as their downtown is called.

The Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge from the apartment terrace


Part of the nightly fireworks show at the Opera House

Yesterday, we took a ferry ride to an area called Manley Beach. It used to be an Aboriginal Island, then a resort island. Now it is a beach and shopping area easily accessible by the ferries that operate about every half hour.

The Manley Ferry

On our way back there was a pod of dolphins keeping us company for a brief time. We made it back to the harbor barely in time for our appointment to tour the Sydney Opera House.

While I was waiting for us to go in for our tour appointment, there was a lot of ruckus near me. Several motorcycle police came out from under the Opera House, followed by a couple of police cars, then a couple of black sedans, and a white minibus and more police. Sirens blasting, police officers telling people to clear the way! I knew Someone was passing me; not 10 feet away.  When Mr. M returned to me, I speculated that I thought it may have been former President Obama. Sure enough, last night, the news was that he had toured the Sydney Opera House!

The Sydney Opera House is not at all what I expected and more than I imagined! If you ever get a chance to visit, I highly recommend a tour! I won’t tell you everything, just the things I found unusual and interesting. One of the really surprising things I found was the purple, yes, ROYAL purple carpet in one large area. Why Royal Purple? In honor of Queen Elizabeth when she opened the Opera House. The carpet has been updated, but never the color!

Its not just a touch of purple…
Its a LOT of purple! And yes, Prince loved it!

Another surprise is the fact that those famous “sails” are not actually white. They are comprised of small tiles that have been glazed and baked several times and are actually sort of a golden color. In addition, because they have been baked to such a hard finish they are self-cleaning.  The Australian weather keeps them sparkling clean. Our guide assured us that the golden color is better on the eyes than a stark white. I believe him!

As close as I could get to those amazing sails!

After our tour, we had dinner at the Opera House Bar, a pub next to the Harbor and the Opera House and watched as a Royal Caribbean cruise ship left the harbor. We then took the train, then the bus back to the apartment for a much-needed rest.

Sydney Opera House from the Manley ferry

Mr. M and I were discussing last night how fortunate we are to be able to actually travel and take things off our bucket lists! This trip to Australia is really a special one!

Have you visited the Sydney Opera House? What did you find unusual?

Until Next Time!


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