Some More Sydney Saga

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Last year when Mr, M, our daughter Ms T and I were in Vietnam we dined on a mystery meat in a lovely restaurant. We were with several people and none of us could identify what it was… pork? No. Certainly not beef… It was Emu!

So now that we are in Sydney, Australia, what did we have for dinner tonight? Chicken! But wait! Last night is another story… we tried kangaroo patties! I actually was brave enough to cook them in our apartment! They are much like very lean beef or buffalo. Very tasty and easy to prepare. I did pass on the fillet of kangaroo in the local Woolworth store though. I figured that it would be hard to mess up a burger.

Not only that, but I did not set of either smoke alarm! I was kind of worried about those since the apartment smoke alarm battery went out earlier in our stay, and made the alarm make that intermittent beeping noise until we changed it’s battery. Thank goodness our Hostess left the right batteries here! But I was really terrified that I would set off the apartment building smoke alarm with my attempt to use an unfamiliar stove! Thankfully, all has gone well and i have successfully made two dinners without any disasters! Not only that but but we ate kangaroo and lived to tell about it!

The real saga I want to tell you about tonight is what we did BEFORE dinner! We sang in the Sydney Opera House! Well, let’s be honest here… we sang as an audience participation during an opera in the Sydney Opera House. But it sounds so much better to say we sang in the Sydney Opera House! The words were really challenging too: La la la la la… But it was great fun! Here we are in the “House”:


Stay tuned for our ongoing travel adventures!

Until Next Time!


2 thoughts on “Some More Sydney Saga

    LINDA Latham said:
    March 25, 2018 at 7:58 am

    I love you original story that you saying in the opera house in Sydney. All the stories you have to tell! What a life of adventures you both have I’m so happy for you.


      itsjusttoni responded:
      March 25, 2018 at 6:58 pm

      Thanks for reading, Linda! We count ourselves as really fortunate to be able to travel now! We have not always been in this position so I love to record what we see and do! Like I tell him, our life has not always been easy but its never been BORING!


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