And Now a Little Something for the Little One

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My lovely first grand daughter is expecting a baby next fall. I am so excited to be able to sew cute little things for a baby girl! She is due to be born in the fall in Utah so I have to remember how much cooler it is there than here in sunny Florida. Here is a little something I made to keep her warm at night.


The background color of the fabric is not really grey, it is blue. The fabric is a a fleece remnant that I could barely fit the pattern on. (That’s the reason for the pink snap tab) The pattern I used was McCall’s M7219, View A:


The pattern was a fairly easy make, except for the instructions for the zipper insertion. Fortunately, I have done a lot of zippers, but I found the instructions a bit confusing. The way they are written it seems that the zipper is to be basted and sewn to the zipper facings only; not through all layers of the front fabric. I knew that would not make sense so I figured it out correctly but a novice person might have a real problem. I also think that the pattern should suggest trimming the seam allowance after stitching to reduce bulk when the fabric used is fleece. I also added a snap tab at the neckline.

I think the bunting turned out really cute, and I would like to call your attention to the mermaids that I “fussy cut” for each hand. I know that my great grand daughter won’t notice but I like it!

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