Make a Do-It-Your-Self “Heat Seat”

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A friend of mine started having a great deal of pain with her sciatic area. I have had surgery for sciatic issues previously and found that heat was a help for the pain. It relaxed my muscles that would tense from the pain. I thought that a little warmth might help my friend also, so I decided to make her a “Heat Seat”. It is sort of a takeoff on my Girl Scout “Sit-Upon”, from days of old. Have I ever mentioned that I was a Girl Scout for 25 years? From Brownies to Senior Scout, then Troop Leader for two Girl Scout troops.

This particular sit-upon can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer to provide a cold treatment. Read the rest of this entry »

I Made Some Things

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I have been busy in my “sewing room”. First, I made a purse for myself :


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My Daughter’s Christmas Gift

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If you haven’t noticed, I sew; a lot. Like almost every day. It is a great hobby. Not only do I keep myself busy and learning new techniques, but I make things!

Recently, I made a couple of gifts for Christmas. One for my hubby, which I will write about later. Today, I want to write about my gift for my daughter. She has for years wanted a 1940’s style peignoir. I don’t do marabou, but I do work with silk and lace. So I made her a surprise robe.

Here it is:


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I Just Could not Leave Her Behind!

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A friend of mine is permanently relocating to another state. She had an Estate Sale recently and while I was browsing I spotted a sewing machine case on the driveway. The case was quite dirty and appeared to have been stored, probably in a shed, for quite a while. The price tag was $5.00. I peeked inside the case and the machine looked fairly clean. For five dollars, how could I leave such a pretty, unloved machine behind? After all she’s PINK!



I brought her home, cleaned and oiled her, and found out that she runs just like new. Sadly, she has only one cam, but it is for the zigzag stitch, so I am happy about that. I can do all the fancy stitches I need on my Brother machines. My internet search tells me that she came into being around the late 80’s, but I cannot seem to find her serial number anywhere, not even on the Singer site. Oh well, she is pretty, runs well, and did I say it? PINK! (Oh, and I love the little heart drawn on the side of her base!)

If you know anything interesting about the Singer Merritt 2404, leave me a comment. I would love to learn more about her.

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