Can-It-Forward Day

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As you can see from my many canning blog entries, I think canning is fun. So do many other people. In fact this old-timey activity is enjoying a great resurgence. In case you are interested in dabbling in some canning, here is a link to a contest that might inspire you.

If you live near Seattle you could participate in a seminar there or if you just want some more information about can-it-forward day, you can click here.

As for me, I learned canning from my Mom, and every time I can something, I think of her!

Things I Wish I Would Do

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I like blogging and I like reading others’ blogs. I see all kinds of cool ideas like, say, Wordless Wednesday, when they post nothing but photos. Or the new group that has a challenge of posting a photo every day. Hmmmm…¬† I don’t think I have that kind of discipline… BUT, I am going to try to post more often, so stay tuned.

Here is a photo for today. It is one of my strawberry pots on my deck. I took it from this angle because it shows our inexpensive automatic drip irrigation. The yellow hose along the edge of the deck is a nine dollar hose from Wally World that we put an end cap on then connected to a timer. Then we punched holes for the 1/4 inch tubing connectors for each of our potted plants.

Sweetness in a pot

By the way, we have two of these pots and have harvested several  quarts of fruit this year already! They love the new system!

Canning Plums

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Our hacienda has a lot of fruit trees, most of which are fairly young and just starting to bear. Our Santa Rosa plum tree, however, was here before us. I am not sure just how old it is, but it consistently bears a great crop. This year is no exception!

colander of fresh plums

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Fixing the Potty

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A week or so ago Mr. M discovered that the toilet in our guest bathroom seemed to have a leak. An investigation confirmed that, yes indeed, there was a leak from the bolts that hold the tank to the base. Since we are pretty much frugal do-it-ourselfers, we are sure that we can fix the simple problem. Read the rest of this entry »