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The New Backsaver

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What can this be, you ask? I call it my Backsaver. I do a lot of bending because I have had 2 knee replacements and it is too painful for me to kneel. By the time I am ready to do my laundry, my back needs a break. A friend made this custom box for my laundry dryer to sit on. It raises it about eight inches and makes it so much easier for me to reach the laundry in the back of the drum! I just love it!

Night Moves

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I know if you are my age you are humming the song now. You’re welcome. But then this post is really about plants. When we moved into our new home I brought some freshly dug daylilies with me. Wanting to preserve them, I just dug some holes next to the back patio and plopped them in. They thrived.


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A Really Big Job!

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We have a sort of long driveway. One day recently we decided to upgrade it with some paint and what I lovingly call “sparklies”. It turned out to be a really big job! It took a lot of teamwork between Mr. M and I . The procedure was pretty straightforward but took a lot of cooperation, ¬†energy and time.

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The Garden Project

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While I have been spending a lot of time working inside of our new home, Mr. M has been busy outside. We have made many trips to the hardware store and local nurseries. One of his big projects has been a new garden. Here it is:


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