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Friday Fun

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I cannot believe it! Someone finally took an actual photo of the Florida “State Bird”, the mosquito indigenous to our state! Or why one fears to go out after twilight here:

Florida Mozzi
Florida mozzi

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Australia’s Blue Mountains

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When Mr. M said “I want to go to Australia!”, I said, “I want to go to the Blue Mountains!”. So yesterday we did! It was an eleven hour day! Not all of it was spent in the Blue Mountains themselves, we also visited a very worthy animal rescue called Featherdale and had a lovely lunch. We also went to the Waradah Cultural Center to learn about Aboriginal culture. It was an exhausting and extremely interesting day. Read the rest of this entry »

Some More Sydney Saga

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Last year when Mr, M, our daughter Ms T and I were in Vietnam we dined on a mystery meat in a lovely restaurant. We were with several people and none of us could identify what it was… pork? No. Certainly not beef… It was Emu!

So now that we are in Sydney, Australia, what did we have for dinner tonight? Chicken! But wait! Last night is another story… we tried kangaroo patties! Read the rest of this entry »

Sydney Is Something!

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Mr. M is a Viet Nam War veteran and while he was serving there, he was offered “R and R” in Australia. He was convinced by his brother to go to Honolulu instead and has regretted it ever since. Visiting Australia has been high on his “bucket list” for as long as I have known him… remember, we have been married for 47 years…

Well, here we are! In Sydney, Australia. We are renting a wonderful one-bedroom apartment, or flat as they call it here, in an area called Pott’s Point. We have a great view of the Opera house, the Harbor bridge, and the Central Business District, as their downtown is called.

The Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge from the apartment terrace


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