A Secret Path

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I have been away from posting for a while. Right around Christmas I was so sick with a severe case of bronchitis that I wound up in urgent care. I must have coughed for six weeks!

Right after that, we decided to buy a new home in our community. I really loved our first home here but it did have one really big drawback. If you have read my blog for long you are probably aware that I cook… a lot. And I can as a hobby. The kitchen in our home was very small; not even large enough to accommodate a dishwasher.

Well that issue has been resolved. Read the rest of this entry »

Still Healing!

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I have missed you! I am still in the splint and now have some limited wiggling ability with my fingers. I feel kind of like a bear since BOTH of my arms are not so coordinated now.  I am not able to do my usual activities so not much to post: no sewing, no cooking, no canning, no gardening … Soooooo BORING!! But we are going to a much anticipated family get together in Las Vegas next week! Whoo  hoo! I will be pretty much offline for all of next week but you can bet I will be having a great time! Be back after!!

Its All Fun And Games Until Someone Winds Up In A Cone

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Or should I say a splint. I won’t be playing much for a few weeks. No sewing, cooking or canning either!


Seems that little spill I had last week resulted in a splint this week. I have to wear this for a few weeks since I seem to have broken my hand just before the wrist. Typing this is difficult and I am NOT supposed to me moving my fingers too much. So if my blog posting is irregular this is why! I will be back!