Costiera Amalfitana, The Amalfi Coast Road

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The Amalfi Coast Road
The Amalfi Coast Road

If I ever get another chance to visit the Mediterranean, I would love to do the Amalfi Coast Road again. It is a World Heritage Site for good reason. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Amazing. There just aren’t enough words to tell about it. If you ever get a chance to go take it! You won’t regret it! Having said that, I have one caveat: do NOT ride the road in a bus! Take a car ,or at most, a van. The road winds along the steep Amalfi coastline high above the Mediterranean Sea. Read the rest of this entry »

A Lasting Reminder of the Oldest Profession

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One of the best remnants of Roman ruins in Ephesus is this Brothel

I recently posted about the unique Roman toilets here. The toilets are part of a massive complex called the State Agora in Ephesus, Turkey. One of the main streets is Marble Street, which is covered with guess what? That’s right: Marble slabs, as far as the eye can see! One of the marble slabs looks like this: Read the rest of this entry »

Once again, you ask: where have you been?

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I have been away for an extended period. Here are some photos to give you a clue:

Yes, it’s true! I have been on a lengthy trip through the United Kingdom and northern Europe.  It has been a trip of a lifetime; for our Fortieth Anniversary. Yup, that’s forty years of marriage. We took a cruise that actually started in Fort Lauderdale where our son and his family live (we spent about a week visiting them). We saw these countries: Ireland, England, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Russia, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden.

Since I am a California girl, I am always overwhelmed to see buildings that are so old. I realize that there are old constructions in California. I used to be a docent at the oldest standing adobe in the state. Unfortunately, even that was really new by comparison.  In Europe, instead of hundreds of years, architecture can be measured by centuries- amazing!

In case, you are wondering, here is the key to these photos, in order from the top:

Russian dolls representing the continuity of life

Part of the amazing fountains at Petrehof, St. Petersburg, Russia

Trinity Hall, Dublin, Ireland (where the Book of Kells is kept)

Door detail in Helsinki, Finland

Basilica in Cherbourg, France

And, of course, THE Little Mermaid, Denmark