I Have Been A Busy Little Bee

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If you have visited here before you may have noticed that I like to sew. A lot. Well, I am very excited because I have a whole new reason to sew. Our family is expecting a new baby girl this fall! Whoo hoo! I haven’t had a baby girl to sew for in many, many years. But in addition, I get to make a few things for the expectant Mom and the 5 year old Big  Brother.

I have spent the last few days making a special gift for the expectant Mom. A  little care package that I plan to pop in the mail this week. I don’t want to hear anything about any imperfections since this was my first attempt at these.


Now some of you will readily recognize what they are. Others… not so much. The round things are nursing pads, or milk catchers, in some circles. The bag with the cute little birds is a wet/dry bag for the pads. And the strangely shaped objects in the upper right corner are heat/cold packs.

This was truly a labor of love! the materials I used were slippery at best! I think they turned out pretty good and will serve the purpose well. Now on to the good stuff like baby girl clothes!

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Where Does Time Go?

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I can’t believe that it has been a month since I last posted! I am retired but that doesn’t mean that I am sitting in my rocker doing nothing. It seems that my time just flies by! I keep myself busy every day.

Since this isn’t actually a sewing blog, but more of my personal journal of what I like, and see, and do, I am just going to post my random stuff. Today, I am going to show that I have been expanding my sewing to include bag making.

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