Dark Days Challenge

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I try my best to be a localvore : one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Fortunately, living in Baja is ideal for this. I can garden all year and there are great sources for locally grown and produced food. After all, how much produce eaten in the US actually comes from Mexico?

This year I decided to see just how well I am doing as a localvore Read the rest of this entry »

Combination Packaging in Mexico

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Combination of products

I have been fighting a lingering cough for a few weeks, so I decided to visit a local store for cough medicine. I am always amused at the way I find combinations of products packaged for sale there. Oftentimes, I have difficulty figuring out the relationship of the products, like: how does a sponge or cleaning product relate to a box of cereal?  This one makes sense, cough drops with cough medicine. I love the cellophane bag and ribbon trim!

Days of the Dead

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Today, Mr. M and I walked to a farmers’ market held in the garden area of a large nearby hotel. We don’t usually attend this particular market because it mainly specializes in Baja grown wines from the Guadalupe valley. The wines are well known and apparently wonderful, but Mr. M and I don’t drink wine so it is lost on us.

The reason we went today is because they were sponsoring a free Dias de Los Muertos, or Days of the Dead, celebration, including Read the rest of this entry »

The Zen of Laundry

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on the line
Looks okay to me

When I was growing up, it was the norm for families to have a laundry line in their yard. Some families even had a specific laundry, or wash, day. We didn’t that I know of, it seemed with my family we always had laundry. When I was very little I had the job of folding the wash and taking it to the appropriate room. When I could finally reach the clothesline, laundry from beginning to end was one of my jobs. Read the rest of this entry »