This Old Dog Learned a New Trick

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Recently, I wrote about a treasure trove of presser feet that I received for my sewing machines. Although I was really after only a couple of the feet, I am discovering how to use some of the other feet in the collection. My latest learning experience (Who says you can’t learn something new after 70?) is using the pintuck foot.┬áThe new set had three different sizes of pintuck feet. I had to label them so I can tell them apart


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I Told You That I Like to Sew!

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My photographs are not professional and, as we used to say in my art classes, I am using the “starving artist’s model”. But then, who else would model clothes I make for myself? Recently, I bought a mystery fabric box. In it was 4 yards of fabric that I thought I would never use. It is really far from my usual mostly neutral wardrobe. What do they say, step out of the box? Well, here it is:


It turned out well, I think. I used this pattern:


I did have to make a few adjustments to fit it to myself, but I am happy with the way it turned out. I made the sleeveless version because it is always warm here in Florida. I had cut out the sleeves but decided not to add them. What did I do with the sleeves? I made a matching bra. No, I am not going to model that!

I still have a relatively large piece of this fabric, so I guess I will be making something else from it. I have to think about that!

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