The Lemon Blossom is Sweet

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That was part of the lyrics of a song about the lovely lemon tree. It is true! Here are some photos from my Meyer lemon tree. The poor silly thing keeps blooming but hasn’t set any fruit as yet this year. I am keeping my fingers crossed.








Easy Carnitas for Two

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Mr. M and I love carnitas! In fact, when we lived in Mexico carnitas were our favorite food to order as take out. Since moving to Florida we have not found a restaurant to order from, not to mention that we rarely eat out since moving back to the US. So, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Enter my new method of making carnitas for two. Read the rest of this entry »

Lazy Lime Curd

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Luscious Lime Curd

I looove lime and lemon curd! So creamy, so citrusy, so sweet-tart, so luscious! I can’t resist it, despite the fact that it is loaded with “bad stuff” like fat and sugar. Add to  my weakness for curd the fact that I have an exuberant lime tree and a Meyer lemon tree, and I have the perfect storm for making curd. How can I resist?

Well, until now, my efforts have resulted in a less than satisfying product. Read the rest of this entry »

Where Has She Been?

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Another irisOkay, I admit it: I have been missing in inaction! In December, Mr. M and I went to visit our daughters in Texas and Louisiana. Their internet connections were not as reliable as is ours here in Mexico (surprise!). Read the rest of this entry »