I Made Some Things

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I have been busy in my “sewing room”. First, I made a purse for myself :


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My New Assistant

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I f you have been  reading my blog for long, you already know that I have taught a few of my family how to can food here, and here, and here. This particular assistant has been my helper on the fringes, tasting, commenting, and watching. He finally decided that it might actually be fun to try canning himself. Here he is doing his fist actual canning (with a lot of help from his mentor). What is he canning? Pinto beans.


A Little Trip

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I’m back! The wrist is healing.┬áI am so happy to say that I can finally type again, not to mention actually work my camera. Having my dominant hand in a splint has been trying to say the least! Especially since my left hand is pretty much disabled from a previous broken arm. Although my wrist still hurts in some positions and tires easily, I have rejected the splint for the most part and am trying to get back to my normal activities.

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