The Bathroom Floors are Actually Finished

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It seems like it has taken a long time, but our bathroom floors are finished. Actually, they have been for a while but I have been too busy to post about them. We do need to cut the metal transition strips for the guest bathroom. But the floors are all finished! Here are a couple of pictures of our master bathroom:


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The First Bathroom Redo

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When you buy an older home you soon realize that there are things that need some TLC or that need actual replacing. Our new home is around 30 years old and has been pretty well maintained. The toilets are the original manufactured home toilets; the type I call “toy toilets”. They are really small and low. Not exactly what retirees need, especially one with two knee replacements. We knew going in that they had to go. Ha ha, pun intended!

We also discovered that the toilet in the guest bathroom ran constantly so it was to be the first to be replaced by a new ADA compliant toilet. Here is the culprit:


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1985 Called…

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And demanded my stove back. Yes, that was the actual Manufacturer’s date on the stove in our home. The burners had two temperatures HIGH and OFF. The oven had one temperature: Burned. Read the rest of this entry »