The New Backsaver

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What can this be, you ask? I call it my Backsaver. I do a lot of bending because I have had 2 knee replacements and it is too painful for me to kneel. By the time I am ready to do my laundry, my back needs a break. A friend made this custom box for my laundry dryer to sit on. It raises it about eight inches and makes it so much easier for me to reach the laundry in the back of the drum! I just love it!

A Lemony Kindness

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I woke up this morning with the beginning of bronchitis. I have been busy, busy, busy because we are getting ready to sell our house. (Just what I need in addition to Christmas preparations.) So I am now coughing and feeling quite run down.

Some lovely friends of ours dropped by with a surprise: homegrown lemons! They are huge and so juicy. Just the Vitamin C ticket for me. I have already sliced the first one to put in some water. I swear that just drinking it is making me feel better!

The other thing I am doing is taking one of my herbal preparations (or as some of the family calls it: Witches’ Brew). Read the rest of this entry »