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A Visit to Palestine

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Did you think I was absorbed by Photoshop Elements? Nah! I just have been busy. I did find some time to work on some of my photos so I want to share some of them. Recently, I posted about our trip to Israel. Part of our visit last year included a trip to Palestine, including Bethlehem. I have a few photos from there to share with you. Having lived in Mexico with the great border fence dividing the United States from Mexico, I was very interested in this wall:

The wall between Palestine and Israel
The wall between Palestine and Israel

As you can see this was taken from the Palestine side of the wall. Read the rest of this entry »

My Visit to Jaffa

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Last fall. Mr. M and I were so very fortunate to visit Israel during a relatively peaceful period. One of our stops was in Tel Aviv, a busy and exciting modern city. Just on the outskirts is a small area called Jaffa, an ancient city with evidence that it was inhabited as early as 7500 BCE.  It was late in the day by the time we got there,  a lovely time to visit, but not so good for photography. Still I have a few decent photos to share. This is an excavation of Roman ruins. Jaffa was a port at the time of the Romans.

Ruins at Jaffa Israel
Ruins at Jaffa, Israel

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The Lemon Blossom is Sweet

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That was part of the lyrics of a song about the lovely lemon tree. It is true! Here are some photos from my Meyer lemon tree. The poor silly thing keeps blooming but hasn’t set any fruit as yet this year. I am keeping my fingers crossed.








Do You Chutney?

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Since we were on our trip to Europe during the Spring planting time here, I have little in the vegetable garden aside from some exuberant tomatoes and some collards that defy death, Read the rest of this entry »