Friday Fun

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I cannot believe it! Someone finally took an actual photo of the Florida “State Bird”, the mosquito indigenous to our state! Or why one fears to go out after twilight here:

Florida Mozzi
Florida mozzi

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Some More Sydney Saga

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Last year when Mr, M, our daughter Ms T and I were in Vietnam we dined on a mystery meat in a lovely restaurant. We were with several people and none of us could identify what it was… pork? No. Certainly not beef… It was Emu!

So now that we are in Sydney, Australia, what did we have for dinner tonight? Chicken! But wait! Last night is another story… we tried kangaroo patties! Read the rest of this entry »

A Fun New Fan!

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The fan in our living room was the original that was installed when the house was built some thirty-ish years ago. It only worked when the whim hit it. So we decided to replace it with this:


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Boning Up

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Now that my wrist is almost “all better”, I am excited to start sewing again on my new Brother sewing machine. I found this picture on the internet to help me with the proper names for my sewing machine’s parts and plan to refer to it often.

Everything I need to know about my new sewing machine’s parts