Delving into Seaweed

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When I was a young girl my Mother’s younger brother came to visit us on his way to his new assignment with the Marines. He had just been transferred from Japan to California where I lived. My uncle brought us a surprise, his Japanese wife, Sachiko. I thought she was the most exotic and wonderful person! I thought that I was the luckiest girl alive when, that summer, and several thereafter. I was allowed to stay a few weeks in their apartment with them.

My Aunt spoke pretty good English and she set about teaching me all about her culture and language. I can still speak a few sentences in Japanese and I love Japanese food and culture. I dream that some day I will be lucky enough to visit Japan. One thing I remember liking that she made was a condiment that she and my Uncle used on everything (or so it seemed). It was furikake, pronounced something like foo-ree-kah-kee.

Simple homemade furikake
Simple homemade furikake

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