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A Fun New Fan!

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The fan in our living room was the original that was installed when the house was built some thirty-ish years ago. It only worked when the whim hit it. So we decided to replace it with this:


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Progress Bit At A Time

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I posted about the our bathrooms and how we were redoing them here. Well, it has taken some time, but progress is happening. Here is a picture of the toilet area of the guest bathroom floor before we installed the new toilet.


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It Doesn’t Get Any Easier!

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Hey! Have you missed me? I know it has been a while but here I am again! I’m trying my best to be a Disciplined Writer.  It seems that I have been so busy being retired that I have neglected my writing. And boy have I been busy! Read the rest of this entry »

1985 Called…

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And demanded my stove back. Yes, that was the actual Manufacturer’s date on the stove in our home. The burners had two temperatures HIGH and OFF. The oven had one temperature: Burned. Read the rest of this entry »