Do It Yourself Mushroom Soup to Can

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Occasionally, Mr. M and I take a trip into a neighboring town to shop at the Sam’s Club there. Last time, I found a great price on fresh mushrooms. I was delighted because I was getting low on one of my favorite homemade convenience foods, canned mushroom soup. I make two different types using recipes from one of my favorite websites for canning ideas. The reason I say ideas is that I am one of those cooks that cannot leave well enough alone. I have to make my own tweaks. So here is how I make my canned mushroom soups. Read the rest of this entry »

April Showers bring May-Fungi?

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Here in Florida we are just getting ready for our rainy season. Recently, one early morning I looked out at my little raised bed vegetable garden and I saw these growing among my peppers:


I know that they are most likely not eatable but they sure fun to look at!


It looks like the Garden Fairies are getting
ready for the rain…

Let me just take a moment to wish all Mothers, especially those close to me, a fantastic Mother’s Day!