I Am Finally Home!

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What a great trip we had! I am looking forward to posting about all the  things we saw and learned. But before that, I have to say how it just breaks my heart to return to yet more tragic school massacres. How can we stop this? Once more with great sadness I have to put this up:


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I found this photo and commentary on my Facebook news feed this morning. All day I have been mulling over posting it here. Tonight I finally decided to do it.

Ben Norman's photo.
Ben Norman

Vietnam veterans with Agent Orange diseases continue to march into the Vietnam Wall to join their fallen brothers. These men and women will not be remembered as fatalities of the Vietnam War. Their names will not be engraved onto the wall…yet they are still victims of the Vietnam War! These veterans have died slow deaths BECAUSE of their country and won’t be remembered as dying FOR their country. This is truly a gripping photograph of the Vietnam Memorial in Rochester, New York. HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE REALLY DIED FROM THE VIETNAM WAR?

Why am I posting it? Because:

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Its My Right!

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I have been writing a lot about my canning kitchen lately, and not so much about other things that rattle around in my head. Today, I want to write about responsibility.

When my children were on the cusp of becoming teenagers, someone asked me if I wanted to raise my children to “be happy”. Read the rest of this entry »